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Find the perfect fit, built on experience and expertise.

Built on 50+ years of experience and expertise, we help you find the ideal candidate from start to finish. Our consultancy supports you in assessing and refining your current hiring strategies and processes.

What is it?

Our Global Sports Executive Search and Consultancy arm boasts extensive experience and expertise in talent and HR functions. Our focus is on delivering a tailored service that aligns with your unique requirements. We leverage our expertise, data, and global network to offer a solution that fits your needs. With our commitment to professionalism and excellence, you can trust us to provide the highest quality service.

It is widely acknowledged that finding the right candidate for specialist roles is of paramount importance. We boast an unparalleled level of expertise, spanning over 50 years and covering a wide range of job functions and sectors.


Our consultancy activities built around data and Expertise have provided us with invaluable insights into the sports industry, enabling us to assist companies in refining their people strategies and overcoming challenges.


As a result, we are well-equipped to help you navigate the complex world of executive recruitment., enabling us to assist companies in refining their people strategies and overcoming challenges.

Working With the Best Clients and Partners.


Our products:

We provide 2 solution services under the executive search and consultancy arm of Global Sports which are:

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Executive Search

We offer a comprehensive end-to-end recruitment process and methodology for specialist roles, underpinned by our extensive experience and expertise spanning over 50 years.


With more than five decades of experience, we provide clients with HR consultancy services and benchmarking insights. This empowers you to refine and streamline their recruitment processes and gain a better understanding of critical areas such as ED&I, learning and development, and succession. Our expertise is an invaluable asset for organizations seeking to optimise their operations and achieve their strategic objectives.

Why choose Global Sports Executive Search and Consultancy: 

  • Global network

  • Sports-focused candidate & client database

  • 13+ of talent data and sports insights/intelligence

  • Confidentiality – Trust in our service

  • Reduce the stress of hiring specialist roles.

  • 50+ years of executive search, sports experience and expertise in placing candidates in top roles.

  • Experienced sports leadership team

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