The People Agenda Report 2020


What the People of the Sports Industry told us in

a year of unprecedented change.


We spoke with more than 1,000 sports industry professionals from over 90 countries to understand how the People of our industry feel and how they have been impacted at a time of unprecedented change and uncertainty.

'The People Agenda' is Global Sports way of joining up our Sports Industry network and discuss the key issues it is facing. Be it the impact  of COVID-19, Inclusion, Diversity and equal opportunity or the returning to the workplace and the future of work, 2020 is a defining year for the lives and careers of those in the sports industry.

The People Agenda Survey is available to download providing the insights we hope will facilitate discussion and drive change to support the future of our industry. 


The Impact of COVID-19

65% of those currently unemployed believe that it was due to COVID-19, with a higher % among women.



Data representing professionals across 93 countries highlights the global impact of COVID-19.

With 28% of respondents currently unemployed, 65% believe that it was due to COVID-19, with a higher % among women.


of those unemployed believe it was due to COVID-19

Females unemployed 
as result of COVID-19

Males unemployed 
as result of COVID-19

Job seekers optimistic about their careers over the next 12 months

Optimism variance across seniority

48 %

Entry Level Professional

63 %

Senior Level Professional`


There is clear and real concern around people’s careers over the next 12 months.

Increasing levels of anxiety is seen across more junior professionals, those currently unemployed and in sectors that have been most impacted by the pandemic such as charities and event sectors.

We aim to give our clients and the sports industry at large access to unique and impactful People data that provides the insights to facilitate decision making in their organisations.

Will Lloyd, CEO, Global Sports


84% believe Diversity & inclusion is important. it’s clearly a priority for the sporting organisations to address, brought into focus through events of 2020.


This importance is seen across workforces, with only a 5% variation across experience level, Gender and ethnicity.


Almost half of all the respondents believe those of white ethnicity have an advantage over ethnic groups when it comes to job opportunities in sport.


A reality that organisations must aim to combat to build a better future for our industry.


There is clear and genuine concern for those of the sports industry returning to work and office life post COVID-19.

"The Reluctant Returners"


The question is, how can organisations help support employees manage this concern?

Are professionals worried about returning to office life?

returning to work.PNG

What employees what from their organisations



More flexible working structures


Opportunities to Learn & Develop


Defined Employee Development Structures


Today’s employees have a new set of requirements for their employers. Sporting organisations are being required to rapidly transform their processes and values to support a future workforce.

There is a clear focus on supporting work life balance and professional development with 69% of employees wanting more flexible working structures.

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