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Creating unique HR and People insights from the data held in your organisation. We can help build your data environment, reports, dashboards and visualisations, Giving you ongoing insights that enable improve decision making and drive increased levels of performance.

People Analytics Solutions to Drive Business Optimisation

Insights Service

Leveraging your data asset to provide unique insights in the form of dashboards, visualizations and reports on your People KPI’s. Combine this with our data and external data such as social media to create a rich source of Talent insight.

Analytics Service

Leveraging your data environment and building you predictive models that support your talent lifecycle E.G. to predict Staff Attrition, identify talent hotspots or enable you to easily create and track talent segmentation or undertake succession planning. 

Data Engineering Service

We can help build you a secure, trusted and well governed source of data to support your People insight and analytics needs.

AI Services

Building advanced solutions using artificial intelligence. Capabilities include image, video , text and natural language analysis.

HR Talent Spotting Insights

Working with you to develop bespoke solutions, aligned to your businesses talent requirements that use advanced AI for targeted talent identification and tracking, based upon internal and publicly available data sources. 

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