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Data-driven solutions to help you attract and hire the best people across the business of sport.

We work with the world's leading sporting organisations by delivering tailored people solutions to Engage, Acquire, Develop and Retain the very best talent. With our market-leading sports industry career platform and network at the heart.


We have helped thousands of the world's top sporting businesses hire top talent quickly and efficiently, our support is focused on three key areas: 

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Talent Attraction

Build presence in the market through employer brand solutions that leverages the global Sports platform and network to engage with target audiences through powerful digital marketing solutions

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Talent Acquisition

Delivering flexible full service outsourced HR services to meet your specific hiring needs and deliver a cost-effective end to end recruitment solution. From attracting talent through to reporting, we support you from start to finish.

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Employee Retention

Helping sports businesses to support employee career progression. Through relevant courses, opportunities, digital and physical events, webinars and networking.

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Helping achieve inclusion and diversity targets across English football for the FA.

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We help sports businesses attract and hire the workforce they need. We have a world leading network of quality, experienced, candidates that thousands of businesses have accessed to support their workforce plans. We provide a range of services, tailored where necessary to the unique requirements of each business we support:

Dedicated Career Website

Creating a dedicated career site for your business. Enabling you to tell the story of your organisation, inspire candidates with your vision, purpose and employer brand whilst providing a place for all job vacancies to be advertised. The website is entirely branded as your buisness and can integrate seamlessly into your existing website infrastructure.

Employer Brand Awareness

Build your organisations profile and position in the global marketplace with a digital profile page published on Global Sports. We will share content related to your business, your culture, values, and job opportunities to engage target candidate audiences across a number of our highly engaged digital marketing channels.

Job Advertising 

As the leading careers platform for the Global sports industry, there is no better place to advertise your job vacancies and utilise our network of industry professionals seeking a new role. We manage the whole lifecycle of your vacancies and leverage our industry partners and diverse marketing channels to ensure your opportunities reach the right target audiences. ​

Talent Attraction

Performance Analytics

​Our career platform and job performance reporting provides your HR and Recruitment team with unique insight into the candidates who have applied, their demographical breakdown, including diversity and inclusivity statistics benchmarked against other sectors of the Sports Industry.


We provide additional hands-on support and expertise to the LOC in-house recruitment team. Our recruiters enable your organisation to ramp up and down capacity as the workforce plan develops. Providing the industry expertise, dedicated talent acquisition channels, combined with mass recruitment expertise to support the hiring of your workforce at scale.

Candidate Filtering Service

We help manage the vast volumes of candidate applications that can be received. We proactively manage the candidate experience to provide recruitment teams with pre-filtered and shortlisted candidates to expediate the hiring process against jointly defined criteria.


A flexible, short-term full service solution designed to support you with specific recruitment projects. Hiring Plus+ is designed to be scalable in nature and support your peaks in recruitment. Often used for key projects or events, we provide a tactical solution, delivering quick and lasting hires to meet your specific workforce plans.


Hiring 360º gives you the benefits of a dedicated in-house hiring team for all of your recruitment needs. We can enhance your employer branding, tailor your go-to market strategy, and manage the end-to-end process from applications to appointments at all levels. This solution is built to support all your event recruitment needs, from Entry level to Executive across your whole business. 


We help our customers provide career support to their workforces. Through related courses to upskill and progress their career, digital and physical events, webinars and networking opportunities.

Career Guidance Webinars

We create digital events, debates and panel discussions with a focus on networking opportunities and career advice. Providing a dedicated channel for your employees to see what future opportunities are available and how best to leverage the skills and experience gained to further their career in sports.

Career Events & Networking 

Delivering bespoke employability and job events with industry leading sports organisations to enable employees develop their network, build insight into the current market and put themselves in front of organisations hiring across the Sports Industry. 

Why Work With Us?  

  • No other sports people focused business has our depth of industry experience, data and extensive global network.

  • We combine Marketing, Consulting, Learning and Insights enabling us to provide fully comprehensive solutions for your needs.

  • Our bespoke Careers Platform, provides a truly global, market-leading digital solution for the sports industry. Enabling vacancy advertising, employer branding, education, training and market intelligence solutions.

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