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Global data-driven insights and intelligence for the decision makers within sport to support organisation make better and more informed People decisions to attract and then retain the best possible talent.

Bringing together the PEOPLE of the Sports Industry to address real world people challenges.


How the People Agenda Works: 

We bring together the people from across our industry to collaborate and drive the conversation that addresses the key people themes.

Delivered through surveys, forums, workshops, think tanks, insight papers and more, we help our industry create achievable outcomes that will shape it's future.

Keep up to date with the Global Sports People Agenda as we continue to shape the future.

We believe putting people at the heart of the business of sport requires a new focus, new thinking and new approaches. That's why we created The People Agenda, a collaborative environment to connect, discuss and deliver focus around the key themes affecting the people of the industry. 

how it works

The People Agenda 
3rd Edition 


Together, let our industry learn how it can better support its people.

The results are now out from our latest People Agenda, providing the definitive analysis of attitudes and behaviours of sports professionals in the year that talent held the keys to the employment market.

Be part of shaping the People Agenda. 

The People Agenda is focused on addressing the key people themes facing sporting organisations today. We believe these themes are as outlined below, but do you agree?  What are the specific People challenges facing your organisation? Help us continue to shape the evolving conversation so we build the future together.

Get in touch and share your insights. 

Attracting Developing & Retaining Quality Talent

How do we hire the right People Talent?

How do we develop and create the right experience for our People?

How do we build and maintain diverse teams of People with a real voice that contributes to the success of business?

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Evolving Business Models and Process

How do we create the right culture for our People of constructive candour, of collaboration, of social sensitivity, of helpfulness, of continual learning and adaption?

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Creating Modern, Fit for Purpose Culture & Leadership

How do we create flatter collaborative organisations for our People?  

How do we motivate a People workforce that is cross generational?

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Harnessing Technological Change

How we support our people to work with and exploit the latest technology advances to augment their capabilities?

Want to find out more about the People Agenda? 

Get in touch today if you have suggestions, are interested in being part of the People Agenda or would like to know more. 



Download Past People Agenda Editions

The People Agenda 
2nd Edition  

The People Agenda 

   1st Edition   

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