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 The People Agenda Report  
 3rd Edition 


Definitive analysis of attitudes and behaviours of sports professionals in the year that talent held the keys to the employment market

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Now in its third year, the People Agenda was created to give a global, data driven analysis of attitudes and behaviours across the sports industry employee market.


It is the definitive annual temperature check to help those running businesses make better and more informed decisions around their HR strategy and how to attract and then retain the best possible talent.


This year, it includes a new metric the Global Sports Career Health Indicators to provide an annual, measurable view on the most important factors in creating a thriving workforce.

This year’s analysis is underpinned by a global survey of over 600 sports industry professionals of 89 nationalities working in 93 countries across the world.

The People Agenda 3rd edition is available to download providing the insights we hope will facilitate discussion and drive change to support the future of our industry. 



Unemployment across sports industry professionals fell to 4% from 24% between 2020 –2022 signalling the shift to,  
Power with the People as employees reassessed work/life balances and taking better-paid roles in a sector plagued by skills shortages.


However, 2022 wasn’t without its challenges, and as the year progressed, global economic uncertainty brought an air of caution, reducing confidence in job security and causing many companies to put their hiring plans on ice across Q4.

Nevertheless, job flow remained largely strong, and salaries continued to grow –with more than two-thirds (68%) saying the experience of working in sport in 2022 was “high positive”.

At the heart of every successful business are the employees who make it all possible. They are the driving force behind every decision, every innovation, and every success.


A clear focus and an uncompromised commitment to employee development is key. With this, sport can create a culture of excellence that will drive success for years to come, and ensure this amazing, rewarding industry we work in continues to thrive.

Mark Bullingham, Chief Executive, The FA


                          of people working in the sports industry say inspiring leadership and company culture are a motivating factor for working at an organisation.



company values and culture have risen in prominence as motivating factors for employees in the sports industry – shifting away from more “traditional” incentives such as financial reward.

The pandemic emphasised that a rigid '9-5, five-days-a-week-in-the-office' approach doesn't deliver the best productivity, well-being and job satisfaction for the vast majority of people.
Two Circles' philosophy is that our people work where they work best, and in a daily routine that delivers the best output for themselves and our business.

For many that means coming into the office regularly, but for many - in particular parents across Two Circles – it means working patterns that are in their control and help them maintain thriving professional and personal lives in tandem.
We're really proud of our relatively low level of employee turnover, which is intrinsically connected to that.

Kat McCreadie, Talent Director, Two Circles


In this year's People Agenda, sports industry professionals told us that they want flexibility and autonomy to work in a way that suits them.

While 70% of sports industry professionals cite hybrid working as their preferred working practice, nearly half (46%) are currently going into the office five days a week.

Take Action

Step One

Download the report and uncover what the market has told us. Use it to support your business case creation and decision making. 

Step Two

Evaluate the insights with your team and evaluate how you can adapt to focus on addressing the priorities. 

Step Three

Let's talk it through and discuss how we can help you with your People focused opportunities.

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