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Take control of your hiring with a custom Careers Platform 

Our customised platforms enable you to take full control of job advertising, talent attraction and recruitment data to improve hiring across your Sport or Major Event.

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Organisations using our Careers Platforms: 


Grow a powerful community, develop talent pipelines and harness recruitment insights in one platform solution.

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Access powerful data insights, enable best practices and grow  quality talent networks for your sport 

Showcase your employer brand and vacancies, access diverse talent pools and make better hires



Access all opportunities and be part of the sport's talent community to build your future career


An all-in-one solution, designed around your needs.

All The Tools You Need 

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Customised Jobs Board: A fully branded all-in-one solution, optimised for candidates, mobile friendly and able to scale to your needs

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Recruiter & Candidate Environments: Manage profiles, vacancies, candidate applications and can integrate into existing HR systems

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Powerful Talent Insights: Measure your sports talent data through detailed insights across candidates, vacancies, organisations and wider market to inform future talent decision-making

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Own Your Talent Attraction 

Career platform

Showcase Your Brand: Bring to life your employer brand, highlight your EVP and share what its like to work at your company, all integrated in your existing website

Career platform

A Quality Candidate Experience: deliver a unified candidate recruitment experience across your sport

Career platform

Own Your Talent Community: Take control of your talent network, nurturing an engaged and make them part of your future

Revolutionise Your Recruitment Processes 

Career platform

Smart Features: Access marketing automations, CV database, Candidate matching, SEO toolkit, 3rd party job board aggregation, and more.

Career platform

Implement Best Practices: Improve, streamline and standardise recruitment processes to deliver best practices across all organisations

Career platform

Access The Global Sports Network:  Leverage our proven experience in developing sports industry Career platforms and talent networks for leading sports organisations across the globe.

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“Not only did the quality of the end product exceed our expectations, Global Sports delivered the project very quickly, bringing it in within the agreed timeframe with no delay.”

Colin Huffen  |  Head of Standards and Regulations, CIMSPA


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Explore the features you need to create your custom Careers Platform

A fully branded solution to advertise career opportunities to an active network of candidates and access powerful talent data insights. 

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Easily post, promote and mange all your vacancies 

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Customisable employer brand pages 

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Engage your network of job seekers

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Access powerful recruitment data & insights

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Improved vacancy visibility and SEO optimised

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Grow your understanding of the talent market

Take control of your hiring

Get in touch to explore how a Careers Platform can power your sport or event

Explore some of our success stories...

The FA’s Football Leadership

Diversity Code Careers Platform 

To support the FA’s commitment to ED&I across English football, we developed the FLDC Careers platform. Providing football clubs across English football access to advertise vacancies and attract new talent, it aims to Increase equality of opportunity and support the drive for diversity and inclusion across English football.


CIMPSA Aggregated
Jobs Board Platform 

Delivering and managing a high volume, quality-focused jobs board platform for the sport and physical activity sector in partnership with CIMSPA as part of their 'retrain to retain' COVID-19 pandemic recovery programme.

paris 2024 bespoke project.png

PARIS 2024 Olympic Games Talent Platform 

Supporting Paris 2024 in the challenge of building a world class events workforce with the diversity of skills and attributes needed to host the Olympic games. Delivering a Multi-language Careers platform to advertise all vacancies, build the Paris 2024 brand position and attract the best global talent while building an all-important ‘future talent’ database through the bespoke platform.

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