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We work with organisations across all sectors of the global sports industry, from International Federations, Clubs & Teams and Elite Performance & Coaching to Media & Broadcast and Agencies & Sponsors. Together we deliver organisation wide people focused solutions that benefit their Leadership Team, HR and Marketing department strategies and in-house teams. 

We have extensive experience in successfully delivering internationally across Sports Business, Major Events and Academic Institutions. Please read further to see some of the sector specific solutions we offer. 

Creating powerful people solutions for organisations across the business of sport. 


We work with the world's leading sporting organisations by delivering tailored people solutions to Engage, Acquire, Develop and Retain the very best talent.

Delivering Workforce strategy, planning and execution for the world's major sporting events. 

Major Sports

We support Federations, LOC’s and event organisers for the biggest sports tournaments across the globe plan and deliver workforces to achieve success.

Providing Academic Institutions 

unique connections to the global sports industry.

 Universities & Business Schools

We work with the leading sports business institutions to attract, develop and support student networks learn and build careers in the global business of sport.

Business Solutions

We provide sports business organisations solutions to help Engage, Acquire, Develop and Retain the very best people at the heart of your business through a range of services that cover the complete Talent Experience & Lifecycle. 

Our services combine across Marketing, Consulting, Learning and Insights, enabling us to provide comprehensive solutions to our customers objectives. Be it helping attract the right graduates, to improving their employer brand visibility or  developing an employee retention framework. ​

Our bespoke Careers Platform, provides a global market leading digital solution for the sports industry enabling vacancy advertising, employer branding, Education & Training and Market intelligence solutions. Allowing you to broadcast to a global network of sports industry passionate candidates.

The ICC have a long-term partnership with Global Sports providing us with access to a diverse range of quality talent in a cost-effective manner. We have been both impressed and delighted with the response from which we have appointed a number of candidates to our vacancies.

Through recent business growth our partnership with Global Sports has delivered fantastic results in supporting our talent acquisition strategy. Not just in helping us source quality talent in a competitive environment but in communicating our employer brand to a global audience and providing continual strategic support.


The FIFA Womens World Cup 2019 were delighted with the support that it received from Global Sports not only in attracting talent but also in building its employer brand and helping to communicate it's values to a recognised audience and network of talent. The success of the partnership led to 80% of all job opportunities being filled by Global Sports. 

The International Cricket Council continues to utilise the Global Sports platform for most of its international event portfolio including the recent Cricket World Cup, as it engages with an international, diverse and professional audience, with a wide ranging skill set from both inside and outside the industry and delivers results.


Major Sporting

Events Solutions

We proudly worked with the organisations behind the top 5 global sporting events including the FIFA Women's World Cup 2019, The ICC Cricket World Cup 2019, UEFA EURO 2020 and are proactively involved in the development of future events such as Paris 2024, The 2022 Commonwealth Games and FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. ​

We work closely with the Local Organising Committee’s, workforce planning and Central HR to assist them in delivering comprehensive multi year talent attraction and acquisition strategies. We have extensive experience in engaging with global LOC’s and assisting them to build their localised talent attraction capabilities and employer brand positioning, delivered across our 4 service lines or through bespoke solutions such as a custom built, dedicated careers portals.​


No other sports people focused business has our depth of major event experience.

Professor James Skinner

Director of the Institute for Sport Business

Universities &
Business Schools Solutions

We work with leading sports industry focused Universities and Business Schools to build their position in the marketplace, develop industry focused student learning outcomes and support their student and alumni networks with tailored solutions and unique access to the international sport industry.  

We provide marketing solutions such as advertising, webinars, video profiling and thought leadership content to strengthen your institutions profile through our global candidate network and platform to increase the qualified new students you attract.

Through our digital platform and leveraging our unique industry network and experience we have developed a range of powerful solutions to develop student employability in the competitive world of sport as well as career support for alumni networks providing long term value to your institution, your students and your positioning in the global sports marketplace. 

The Institute for Sport Business at Loughborough University, London has worked in partnership with Global Sports over the last three years to help support our talent attraction strategy as well as meet our student employability targets They continue to be a great asset to our global vision for sport business

ESAM and Global Sports are working closely together to develop a greater working relationship between academia and the business of sport. Global Sports Education is a much needed and exciting initiative in the market that helps to attract, develop and promote the quality and diversity of talent that the industry requires to help fulfil its potentials.




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