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Working closely with our Consulting Partners, who along with us, have a proven track record of delivering in the business of sport. We support all organisations that are involved in the business of sport with a range of advisory and strategic HR transformation solutions to build people capability.

HR, People & Culture solutions to transform your talent strategy

HR Strategy & Organisation Advisory Solutions

Organisational Design
& Effectiveness

Supporting small, medium and large organisations across the sport and major event industry through the HR challenges of adapting to significant change.

Guiding organisations through the challenges of adapting to situations such as COVID-19, consolidation, transformation and growth.

Organisational Structure
& Governance

Specialist expertise in culture, values, organisation design and structure, governance, policy, remuneration and the enablement of an inclusive workforce.

Supporting HR develop and deliver on complete lifecycle of Talent Engagement, Acquisition, Development and Retention.

Programme Strategy

& Delivery

Offering specialist advisory and implementation services in Talent Recruitment, Volunteer Programmes and Inclusion and Diversity.

Helping organisation’s plan and achieve great outcomes and financial benefits across specific HR programmes.

Employer Brand & Talent Advisory

Employer Brand Strategy

Working in partnership with your HR and Marketing departments to define and develop your people culture, employer brand and broadcast approach both internally and externally.

Digital Talent Strategy

Helping you to define the right strategy and approach to maximising the effectiveness of how to engage, acquire, develop and retain the right people to your organisation using the appropriate market channels, resources and programmes.

Executive Hiring

Delivering a specialised recruitment  service to identify and recruit highly qualified candidates for senior-level and executive jobs across the public and private sectors.

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