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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

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General / Network

Who is Global Sports for?

Sports Businesses - We provide a wide range of services to help you attract, hire and retain top talent for your business.

Major Sporting Events - We provide solutions to help you attract and hire the right people for your event, from talent pooling and application page creation to hiring support and promoting roles.

Universities / Business Schools - We help with promoting sports-related courses to attract students. As well as, events, panel talks and more to support in-curriculum learning and student employability.

What is unique about Global Sports?

We are proud of the engagement we have built with our users, the relationships forged with partners and the reach of our global network that connects candidates, professionals, leaders and organisations. It is this connected network that uniquely positions Global Sports in the market and enhances the impact of our services and solutions.

What geographic area do Global sports cover? 

We are truly Global and have candidates registered on our platform from around the world, with a strong base in Western Europe and the Middle East.

Who makes up the Global Sports candidate database?

Our candidate database is made up of people with a background in the sports industry, or those who want to join the industry from Junior (including students) all the way up to Senior level. Our average user breakdown is:

  • 28% Senior/Executive level

  • 45% Middle Management level

  • 27% Junior/Entry level

Geneal / Network
Job Posting / Advertising

Job Advertising / Posting

How much does it cost to post on your platform?

  • A single standard job listing that will be live on the platform for one month costs £850 +VAT.

  • A single premium job listing that will be live on the platform for one month, with priority placement and additional marketing support costs £1200 +VAT.


*If you have more than one job to advertise we have a range of custom packages to choose from depending on your specific needs.

What are the main differences between a standard and premium role listing?

Standard job listings include a company profile and listing on the Global Sports platform.

Premium job listings are placed as featured roles on the platform and have wider network marketing promotions across our social channels and email database.

Why use Global Sports over standard job platforms?

Global Sports provides a sports industry-specific network and a personalised account management service that addresses your unique challenges. General job boards provide a high volume of applications, but Global Sports focus on delivering quality candidates through a broader service, including employer branding, detailed analytics, and sports industry expertise. Saving you time, money and helping you hire the best people.

What performance data do you provide for job advertising?

Our standard performance reporting delivers all key data metrics connected to the platform, vacancies, applications and candidates. These include benchmark performance of vacancies across the industry and visual analysis of candidate profiles applying for your vacancies through metrics such as geography, diversity & inclusion, experience levels and functional expertise. 

How do I receive the applications?

You can receive the applications either by email providing the address you want us to redirect the applications to or directly on your ATS.

Can I have access to candidate CVs directly from your database?

We are not able to grant you direct access to the CVs of candidates in our database. They will first need to specifically apply for the position you are advertising for you to receive their CV.

Is there flexibility on how long we can post roles on the platform for?

Roles are normally live on the platform for one month from the day of posting. However, dependent on the situation we can provide flexibility for our clients on the length of time their roles are live on the Global Sports platform.

Global Sports Hiring™ / Embedded Hiring

Global Sports Hiring™ / Embedded Hiring

What is Global Sports Hiring™?

Global Sports Hiring™ brings together our other talent solutions and unique industry expertise to deliver an end-to-end embedded hiring solution that has delivered for leading sporting organisations globally, helping them achieve their business, HR and workforce objectives.

Why choose one of our Embedded Hiring solutions?

We provide you with all the benefits of a dedicated in-house hiring team or agency model solution, whilst delivering a host of additional benefits and reducing your overall recruitment cost and resource. If you’re looking for a flexible, and more simplified hiring process that delivers lasting hires, our embedded hiring solutions can solve your current talent challenges. 

What are the Embedded Hiring solutions you offer?

Embedded Hiring On Demand

‘On Demand’ is perfect for clients with a small number of hires each year. But who still want immediate end-to-end hiring support, without a big agency fee. You’ll have instant access to a specialist Talent Partner and promotion across our world-class network.


Embedded Hiring Plus+

Hiring Plus+ is designed to be scalable in nature and support your peaks in recruitment. Often used for key projects or events, we provide a tactical solution, delivering quick and lasting hires to meet your specific workforce plans. 

Embedded Hiring 360º

Hiring 360º gives you the benefits of a dedicated in-house hiring team for all of your recruitment needs. We can enhance your employer branding, tailor your go-to-market strategy, and manage the end-to-end process from applications to appointments at all levels.


*All options have unique access to dedicated talent partners, account managers & reporting, Executive search, leading ATS technology and Global Sports Jobs platforms & database.

What type of hires can you help with?

We can manage all levels of recruitment for your business, from work experience or graduates, through to Executives and Board appointments. We have a truly global reach for candidates and well-established international networks so we can help wherever a hire may be needed geographically. As Sports specialists, we are very used to hiring all head office roles as well as more niche positions in elite sports or sport business, and we’re proud of the broad diversity of the candidates we help to hire.

How much does Global Sports Hiring cost?

Every client’s situation is totally unique - from your timeframes to your types of hires, to the level of involvement you’d like our embedded hiring team to have along the recruitment process. We customise every solution to your specific situation so pricing can vary. Unlike traditional recruitment agencies where you pay a large fee based on a successful hire, or a retained fee for executive search, we work out a flexible monthly subscription price based on the time required to fill your vacancies. Which means it’s more affordable and you get exactly what you pay for. 

How many hires can you manage?

Most of our clients are looking to fill 25-50 hires a year, however, some recruit well over 100 positions. We also help with high-volume urgent hiring for major events, so we are used to building solutions that can support with hundreds of hires if needed, as well as those tricky few roles that sometimes need some expert support.

How long does it take to get started?

A typical solution design and set-up phase takes around 4 weeks. Again, this depends on how much integration we have with systems and processes to adapt to your preferred ways of working. In some instances, we have started within a week of discussing the hiring challenges with a client!

Global Sports Education

Global Sots Educaton

What is Global Sports Education?

Global Sports Education is our service for leading Universities and Business Schools aimed to build their sports industry-focused position in the marketplace in order to attract students. We also create industry-integrated student learning experiences and support employability and alumni networks with tailored solutions. All with unique access to the international sports industry.  

Why choose Global Sports Education?

You should choose Global Sports Education if you want to:

Attract new students

  • Our unique network of sports industry students, professionals and organisations help our customers improve their intake.

Create innovative industry student learning experiences

  • Engage your students in exciting and innovative ways. Have them debate with sport industry experts or take part in industry driven initiatives alignment to their curriculum.

​Position your university or business school as an industry leader

  • Grow your position in the market and stand out against your competitors through quality market-leading activations delivered through expert insight. 

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