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Take control of your hiring.

We deliver customised career platforms to leading sports organisations and major events, enabling you to take control of your candidate attraction and recruitment. 

What is it?

Our Career Platforms provide larger sports organisations with a complete and customised aggregated job board solution to attract, hire and grow a quality talent network. By focusing on delivering value to all end users, we enable stakeholders to take full control of their hiring process and nurture an engaged talent community that delivers long-term hiring success through the latest recruitment technology.


The Career Platforms can be accessed by multiple divisions under one company umbrella, providing a scalable solution to deliver aggregated job vacancies from multiple departments. This enables companies to power a unified recruitment platform, candidate experience and people data analytics across a whole sport or major event.

Solutions are delivered through leading recruitment technology with innovative features, depending on your requirements that can manage end-to-end recruitment and seamlessly integrate into customers existing digital environments and HR processes.


Our clients:

Our products:

Choose a solution that fits your needs, designed around your specific platform demands.

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Career Platform PRO/ENTERPRISE

A fully branded, aggregated jobs board solution for your sporting organisation or major event to advertise career opportunities to your existing network of candidates, providing powerful talent data insights. 

Benefits include:

  • Simple and centralized.

  • Easily integrated into the existing environment.

  • Employer-branded pages 

  • SEO optimized

  • Easy recruiter & candidate application management.

  • Standardised talent attraction & application process.

  • Superuser admin environment to manage users & access.

  • Candidate & community engagement with automation.

  • Data reporting on jobs, candidates and employers.

  • Data insights from attraction to appointments.

All the features of XXXXXXX but with enhanced functionality to build and deliver a scalable and highly customisable career platform. Which, delivers a talent attraction solution to your specific requirements. This growth and nurturing of your talent network is a key benefit, enabling ownership of talent data across your sport and its members.

Benefits include:

  • Community engagement.

  • SEO & branding for Open Network.

  • Market-wide talent insights.

  • Multiple employer brand pages.

  • Company EVP profiles.

  • AI-powered CV database & talent pool search.

  • Custom candidate profile builder.

  • Job matching.

  • Integration with ATS software.

  • Promotion to Global Sport candidate network and advertising.

  • Aggregated 3rd party job board advertising.

  • Customised analytics dashboard.

Why chose Global Sports Career Platforms:

  • Proven experience in delivering sports industry talent platforms and networks for leading sports
    organisations across the globe.

  • Build a powerful employer brand and EVP

  • Improve and streamline the recruitment process to deliver best practices across your organisation(s)/ sport integrated into existing recruitment solutions

  • Aggregate all jobs from multiple organisations/divisions to deliver the definitive careers platform and unified talent experience eg

  • Delivers advanced data and analytics on candidates, jobs and the market to inform all future talent decision-making (ED&I/talent pool skills/experience etc.).

  • Nurture and engage a scalable quality talent to build your own searchable talent pool (database)
    and own a network of candidates who want to work in the sport/organisation

  • Assess to Global Sports platform and candidate network and can be integrated into other global sports solutions to benefit from the global sports network and talent expertise.

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Our case studies:

The FA’s Football Leadership

Diversity Code Careers Platform 

To support the FA’s commitment to ED&I across English football, we developed the FLDC Careers platform. Providing football clubs across English football access to advertise vacancies and attract new talent, it aims to Increase equality of opportunity and support the drive for diversity and inclusion across English football.

paris 2024 bespoke project.png

PARIS 2024 Olympic Games Talent Platform

Supporting Paris 2024 in the challenge of building a world class events workforce with the diversity of skills and attributes needed to host the Olympic games. Delivering a Multi-language Careers platform to advertise all vacancies, build the Paris 2024 brand position and attract the best global talent while building an all-important ‘future talent’ database through the bespoke platform.

CIMPSA Aggregated Jobs Board Platform

Global Sports delivered a high volume, quality-focused jobs board platform for the sport and physical activity sector in partnership with CIMSPA as part of their 'retrain to retain' COVID-19 pandemic recovery programme.

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